The stream of love that is entering your realm is in a build up phase

Know that Divine grace resides in all of you
As the children of Terra you are protected and guided in all ways
The support that is surrounding you from the grace of covenant is visible through the heart

When brain is centered in heart coherence
All is working as one unified field of consciousness together

Staying heart centered within the unified field is keeping balance and harmony at all times no matter what is happening in your surroundings
From this place of being there is nothing that can throw you of balance

Inner wisdom is growing simultaneously with the Restoration of templates
Replacing the in-organic templates with the organic templates of pure divinity, the origin

This will open up even more of your remembrance and divine wisdom from the deepest of depts within your being across all realms of existence
For the wholeness is all and everywhere

Your true knowledge, which you are being guided now to discover more and more, is opening up and showing itself to you. Much more is to come for the benefit of all, know that you are capable of such.

The power of knowing, Resides in the moment of opening up within the moment itself
Showing itself to you exactly when needed and with it comes a crystal clarity of knowing what it is that needs to be done
There is no preparation needed for if the knowledge shows itself to you the capability is already activated and present within
Follow the knowledge within the moment of knowing and you will enter the space that is needed to exit the dilemma

This is the time you all have been waiting for and the time is now





The More you Dis-cover that the Power is Yours

The More you will step into full Sovereignty


This, Is Mastery of Self