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The sessions and support section is created to assist souls on the journey in remembering their essence and create the new earth real-ity we came here to experience, all from the pureness of being, the souls purpose. We all carry higher wisdom and power within ourselves, within our cells and our mission is to open up and activate the dormant aspects within. To fully reconnect, anchor and embody our divine selves so we can bring all of this back into creation. 

Sessions are available in person or online. Distance healing is also possible, which makes treating young children much easier.


Upgrade & Activation sessions are designed to activate dormant aspects of our being, they are gentle, yet very powerful and wonderfully beneficial for everyone. They’ll open up our awareness of our true nature and make way for a fuller expression of your gifts, power and light in all aspects of your life.


Feel free to connect with our support section whenever you feel like doing so, trust that inner guidens for it is always present. Every creation is light encoded and multi-layered so there is always more to discover and you can work with it as many times as you want. 


The Keys & Codes are stored within the beauty that is you

Group Events

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On this page we share workshops, group activations and online energy transmissions.

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''Higher Light Degree" Embodiment, Upgrade & Activatie Event

Zondag 17 Juli 2022 11.00-16.30

Piramide aan de Waal - Gendt (Gld)

Golden Ones Store

Available Creations


Our Artwork is light encoded and created during wonderful transmissions

These light encoded portals we like to call frequency support tools, because of the way they connect and work with people. So either if it's a painting or a portal or a creation on wood, they all work with the energy field as well as the physical body.

And they high vibe the space they are in, shifting the frequency in the room, it will feel more light and vibrant. 

The pieces take you on a journey of discovering and opening up a deep remembrance and also support in shifting stagnant energies and activating more flow. They can be used during meditation as well and are multi-layered so there is always more to discover.

Balancing and harmonizing, straightening one's energy field, the artwork is part of activating the keys & codes within and bringing in pure source frequencies. 

Find out more in our Divine Art Department section. If you are connected and interested in one of our creations feel free to contact us.


The stream of love that is entering your realm is in a build up phase

Know that Divine grace resides in all of you
As the children of Terra you are protected and guided in all ways
The support that is surrounding you from the grace of covenant is visible through the heart

When brain is centered in heart coherence
All is working as one unified field of consciousness together

Staying heart centered within the unified field is keeping balance and harmony at all times no matter what is happening in your surroundings
From this place of being there is nothing that can throw you of balance

Inner wisdom is growing simultaneously with the Restoration of templates
Replacing the in-organic templates with the organic templates of pure divinity, the origin

This will open up even more of your remembrance and divine wisdom from the deepest of depts within your being across all realms of existence
For the wholeness is all and everywhere

Your true knowledge, which you are being guided now to discover more and more, is opening up and showing itself to you. Much more is to come for the benefit of all, know that.......

Let's connect, feel free to use the contact form below or send an email to