Golden Ones

Welcome to the Portal

The Never Ending Story of Infinite Creation ~

Welcome to the Portal is ''The Center Pillar'' connected to all.

Working with~in and from the Rays of Creation simply because we don't choose to separate and believe that there is no better or best.

That there simply is all, connected to every0ne and everything.

Nothing is ever separate, we Are the creational Expression of life itself. 


Feel free to use this Website to support yourself with Keys, Codes, Frequencies and Transmissions as much as you want. You are an important fractal of the whole and you focus by intent. What you focus on is what you create, so by inner-inter Acting with Divine Source Creations it can assist 0ne in opening up, Activating and Expanding into the Remembrance of your 0wn Divinity. 



~ You are the Steps ~
~ You are the Action ~
~ You are the Bright ~

The love that shines through
And the eyes of many

~ You are the Magic ~
~ You are magnetic Attraction ~
~ If! you let yourself Happen ~

You are the happening itself
And this glorious wonder of life

~ You are the Electric Pulse ~
~ You are the Heartbeat ~
~ The core from which Creation Begins ~

Pure streams of light and Loving Wisdom
The library where deeper meaning Resides

~ You are Hu ~
~ You are All ~
~ You are the Moment ~

From which everything Flows
Dissolves and Unfolds

The creational expression is You
For you are creation itself

Do you Re-Member Now
For now is All
And the many
Is Hu

Don't go where the action shows up
Show up within the action that is you
From the fire that is burning
From the spark that burns y/our flame

This is the deeper meaning of y/our existence
This is you
You! are the deeper meaning
For you are all & all is you 


Our Artwork is light encoded and created during wonderful transmissions

These light encoded portals we like to call frequency support tools, because of the way they connect and work with people. So either if it's a painting or a portal or a creation on wood, they all work with the energy field as well as the physical body.

And they high vibe the space they are in, shifting the frequency in the room, it will feel more light and vibrant. 

The pieces take you on a journey of discovering and opening up a deep remembrance and also support in shifting stagnant energies and activating more flow. They can be used during meditation as well and are multi-layered so there is always more to discover.

Balancing and harmonizing, straightening one's energy field, the artwork is part of activating the keys & codes within and bringing in pure source frequencies. 

Find out more in our Divine Art Department section. If you are connected and interested in one of our creations feel free to contact us.


Let's connect, feel free to use the contact form below or send an email to