From the Rays of Creation


~There are many forms and aspects to consider as your own.

The fragmentation is returning to the rightful owners of this soul Embodiment

These belongings that are returning now will Ignite your original threefold founder flame and activate more of your divine truth, all that you came here for and so much more


~The harmonic sound vibrations are a part of the origin from which all of you were created

Communicating in color and sound harmonics from the rays of creation is your true language

This is a powerful and sacred gift indeed and the time has come to re-member, recognize and dis-cover what this truly means

Working with these original harmonic vibrations of the universe is what you came here for

The time has come to go beyond the human aspects, the concepts of the mind and human words


~For this is where true creation begins

Within the new frequency harmonics all of you are finding new ways while setting the tone for a complete new way of existing with and within yourselves and your surroundings

Nothing is the same, you are here to create a complete new level that is to be created from a complete new level

Feel and experience the subtle yet powerful whispers of these color and sound harmonics for the cosmic trinity aspect to emerge from the heart


~It is within the full embodied state of consciousness one rises like never before