Your homecoming is a success and we assure you that you will make the shift happen necessary for your earth plane

It is in this knowing the manifestation of such already succeeded

We are here to guide you during this journey that is of such importance and of a much bigger universal scale


The marrying of the masculine and the feminine is an event happening within all of you

From this place of oneness as we call this holy merge there is only grace that creates

There simply is no other way from the pureness of your heart and the sovereignty that is guiding you along your path


The simplest thing for you to remember is that oneness comes from a place of being

Being centered and one with-in self while you are merging with more and more of your higher aspects and higher wisdom

It is from your higher self-I Am you'll bring all the new into form, bringing in and materializing great concepts from the concept of greatness 


It is you dear heart that is here to do so, with many many others that came down to do the same

All in their own ways from their own creational expression of the light that they are and the light that they bring

There is no one like you, you are uniqueness itself


By feeling into this resonance you will integrate and with this opening up the uniqueness that you truly are, from the most wonderful expression of the soul

This is so much bigger, you can not even imagine in this current moment what this truly means for all

The soul merge and the merging of souls is a blessing for all, this is from an energetic perspective and energetic source


By combining these energies you are able to create a magnetic power structure that is creation itself and by doing so many new doors will open that were not visible before

Merging these energies, combining forces is a powerful construct and a gate is being created for more of that to come into play, to be received on your planet

You are the ones bringing heaven to earth



0neness, comes from a Place of Being

Being centered and 0ne with-in Self

While merging with more of your higher aspects