Peace is finding its way down from the heavenly realms onto your earth plane

It is by recognizing the self one is remembering their worth

All interactions on earth are filled with love when the heart is open


If you encounter someone with a closed heart portal don't hold yourself back, don't make yourself smaller

For it is in that moment you just shine through, beaming out by staying in your own center

That is your galactic power, that is exactly what is needed right now


Be aware of your impulses, your first automatic response could be closing your own heart, bringing your light down because that's what many of you are trained to do

Being aware of this gives you the opportunity to break the chains and to fully acknowledge your power

Because right there dear one is were the power of choice resides in every moment


From here you can choose how to interact and how to be of service

By being fully present and consciously aware, choosing the highest outcome for all and manifesting true real-ity

This, is mastery of self...


The more you discover that the power is yours, the more you will step into full sovereignty

You will not be able to neglect yourself any longer for you have seen the truth that lies within

Dear heart stay close to yourself, share the love you are and be the light that shines


The ones that light up the darkness that your world is going through in this time period of transition 

Light up for all to see




Infinite Expansion


Your crystalline aspect is you

The more you tap into this frequency the stronger it becomes

It will guide you to step into the world, fully embodied as your infinite self

Embrace it all for all is you