The royal 0nes are here and they are awakened
The infrastructure is changing rapidly now
For the new to come into the master of all games

Challenge yourself to go beyond every way, shape and form you ever knew
For there is many and so much more to (re)figure out
The way, shapes and forms we are talking about contain a million infinite structures
Nothing you have ever seen before

The time has come to bring them through, to gift and share them with all willing hearts
The 0nes that know will recognize
The 0nes that question will re-member
The highest calling is near, the highest calling is here

In the now
That is ever fluctuating within every changing moment
Without endings and beginnings

T-here just is...
In all-
ways present-ed with-in
th-is Now

~Merkaba 0verwrite~
~From Interval to Interconnected~